State's new user 'mobile device friendly' unemployment application site causing confusion

The State of Florida has launched a new mobile-friendly app that allows residents to apply for unemployment benefits.

How well it's working depends on who you ask.  

Dawn Hensley is a server who said her last day waiting tables was on March 20.  She’s been trying to apply for unemployment since the March 23.

"Several times a day, I would get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, start calling at 7:30, got through one day, was on hold 47 minutes, got disconnected," she explains.

She filled out a paper application before sending it in on Thursday. She decided to try the state’s new mobile-friendly website to file for unemployment.

"It actually worked," she said.  "I did it from my cell phone."

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Rebecca Schwab-Talpas is a yoga instructor. With studios closed, she's now teaching for free on line. She started applying for unemployment for the first time on Thursday.  She tried the old website first, got frustrated and then tried the new one.

"On my personal device.  It was quick. It was easy. But I’m not sure where that info is going, if it’s transferring over to the website," she said.

But when she went back to check.

"Went to log back into Connect Florida and they’re not communicating with each other. It still says that I didn’t have my claim 100 percent filled out and they can’t validate my identity on line."

As of Thursday afternoon, she wasn't sure her application had been accepted.

"I plan to give it 24 hours and to see if the two systems have communicated with each other. If it hasn’t, I’ll start making phone calls."