State of Florida rejects dozens of textbooks deemed inappropriate

Today Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran approved rejecting 54 textbooks out of 132, used for math in the state.

The reasons for rejecting the books include, references to Critical Race Theory, inclusions of Common Core and the unsolicited addition of Social Emotional Learning.

We asked parents what they think of the new list. One parent of a student, Mark Arnold said, "I think that’s fantastic. CRT and Common Core aren’t things that I support. And I’m happy the Governor made that decision."

Another parent added, "I think we have to adopt to the new kind of way of living and mentalities as it’s changing and evolving a little bit more," said Jadel Alvarez. 

According to the Department of Education, the highest number of books rejected were for grades K-5, where 71 percent were not aligned with Florida standards.

"I think if the book is going to teach something I think why not. But if it’s going to in any way confuse them with the current situation that we’re going through then maybe banning them would be better," said Alvarez.

Education officials say, the instructional materials process allows Florida to prevent publishers from incorporating inappropriate, ineffective or unsolicited concepts and strategies into instruction materials.