Space View Park spectators get drenched waiting for launch

It was a wet day at Space View Park in Titusville as spectators gathered to witness the first crewed launch in nearly a decade.  Many left disappointed when the launch was scrubbed.

Mary Belden and her family had been camping out here since 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

“Between all the storms and the tornado alert, it's been interesting. But it’s well worth it. A chance of a lifetime.”

Parkgoers made sure to bring everything they needed. 

Emily Costa said, “We brought all of our camping gear just in case. Luckily we found a hotel. Most of them were booked.”

 Natalia Padilo came from Miami and described it as surreal.

"I’m excited. We’ve been planning this out for so long,” she added.

Most people came prepared for the rain.

Eva Mayoral explained, “I wanted to have a car, just in case we had lightning bolts I could protect my grandchildren from being struck and killed by lightning.”

As they took cover during the wet weather, they were also careful about COVID-19.

“People have been really good about social distancing. If we need to go in anywhere, we mask up. Here outside we’ve got a space. I feel like we’re very safe.”

Theresa Leite drove her grandchildren 14 hours from Ohio to Florida so they could see the launch.

“This is really huge because he is so interested in space and science. So we surprised him with this visit.”

Her 8-year-old grandson Silas came decked out in a NASA gear.

“You got a hat on, you’ve got patches. What does this mean? It means I’m extremely interested in space and I think space is awesome.”

Many say they’ll be back this weekend hopefully see the launch.