Sorrento teen killed in a late-night car crash, 4 others injured

A tragic car accident killed a 16-year-old in Lake County late Thursday night. Four other minors were injured.

The accident happened in Sorrento near Plymouth Hollow Circle around 10:20 p.m. 

Tire tracks can be seen in the northbound lane on County Road 437 in front of Plymouth Hollow Circle.  The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) says the Ford Expedition somehow lost control, struck a light pole, continued through shrubs then hit a tree. 

The flashing lights of emergency vehicles caught the eye of a respiratory therapist who lived across the street. She rushed out to see if she could help. 

"She checked his pulse. The police were there. They were waiting for the paramedics," said the woman’s husband Artis Sydney.  

She found pieces of the car strewn across her neighbor’s and one teen in critical condition.

"They didn’t want to move him," said Artis. "They did have his neck in a brace. There was a lot of blood and his head was just dropped down."

The teenage driver of the car was killed in the accident. Four others in the car, including the victim’s brother, all ranging from 11 to 16-years-old were able to get out of the car on their own. 

The victim’s father returned to the scene this morning. 

"He was just broken. Broken," said Artis. "All he could do was lament about his son and the type of boy he was."

Family members of the teen came out to look at the scene again in the afternoon. They walked through the destroyed shrubs and followed the line of debris to the tree missing bark on one side. They tell us they’re in complete shock and that he was a careful driver. They don’t understand how this could’ve happened

"My heart just grieves because I could see the compassion and love for his son," said Artis. "He’s gone."

Lake County Public Schools confirmed the victim attended Mount Dora High School. 

FHP is investigating the crash. They did not mention speed as a factor but say they aren’t ruling out any including new driver mistakes. 

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