Son arrested, accused of stabbing mother to death in Winter Park home

Detectives with Orange County Sheriff's Office have arrested a teenager, accused of stabbing his own mother to death.

Michael King, 18, was denied bond by an Orange County judge, a day after deputies swarmed their family home at Cornwall Road in the Winter Park Pines neighborhood.  It was just after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday that they found the King's mother, Nancy Ann Noone, 65, unresponsive. She was pronounced dead at the scene.


Surveillance video showed deputies searching for King at the Winter Pines Golf Clubhouse, near the family’s home.  When they located him, they said he confessed to stabbing his mother.

"The mom is really nice. I liked her No one really expected this," said neighbor Andrew Atallah.

King's friends said his family was like any other family, but King was known to get into shouting matches with his mother.  

"For his mom, they had a regular relationship. They got into a lot of fights, but I never thought it was that bad -- verbal conflicts, because his mom wouldn’t let him go out. Nothing serious," Atallah said.

Some of King's friends said they noticed a real change in the teenager about a year ago, when he transferred to a different high school and stopped talking to all his friends. Still, they said they still couldn't imagine he would be capable of killing his own mother.

In the arrest affidavit, King explained he had fantasized of committing murder in the past. He said the murder was unprevoked, in that there was no conflict leading up to the killing.  Public Defender Robert Wesley is intent on finding out what happened, as he gets ready to represent King. 

"We’re getting started early on a case that has a very strange back pattern," he said, "and we know it will be very important to talk to people that know the family to know what the dynamics were of their relationship."

"A lot of neighbors came out. You’re just not use to seeing that," said Winter Park Pines resident Kim Burke. "I think its really sad. It’s terrible. So young." 

King has a twin sister and father, who are now grieving. The judge ordered King not to have contact with his family.

Deputies took a vehicle into evidence at the scene. Prior to the murder, deputies were called to the home on three different occasions. Back in November, there was a verbal incident, in August a suspicious incident, and a burglary two years ago.