Some Disney hotels reopen for guests who booked in advance

Some Disney World hotels are back open if you're one of the lucky few who was able to make a reservation. For now, only guests with reservations are allowed to come on the property or eat at the hotel restaurants.

Mickey Mouse and friends joined the party at Disney’s Topolino Terrace restaurant, but these beloved characters played there to a mostly empty audience. Disney has cut the capacity to battle COVID-19 infections.

Disney expert Tom Corless from was booked into the Polynesian Village Resort.

“When we got here today, we were the first people to arrive and the security guard took us through the process and was almost in tears, she was so happy that guests were back. It was just the most heartwarming thing and it brought me to tears, even,” Corless said.

As of June 22, all the Disney Vacation Club properties were back open, albeit with lots of sanitary measures in place.

“Just a lot of that -- at check-in desks -- spacing, obviously you have to wear a mask, and then just a lot of signage in place, a lot of things reminding you to wash your hands, stay away from people,” Corless said.

Corless says it was also unique sitting on a mostly empty Disney bus. “It's surreal,” he said, “like Disney World is back, but at the same time it's an empty Disney World, which is the oddest thing.”

Theme park experts advised against trying to reserve a room for the next few weeks at least. The people already checking-into these Disney hotels had either booked these rooms before the shutdowns or were upgraded to them during the closures.

“Later this year they're going to start letting you book hotel rooms at the resorts,” said Matt Roseboom, editor of Attractions Magazine, “the as time goes on more and more of their resorts will open up.”