'Social distancing order' in Seminole County now in effect

The "social distancing order" for Seminole County has begun.

Seminole County leaders issued the executive order according to guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control. It began on Sunday evening.

Unlike the other Orlando metropolitan counties of Orange and Osceola, Seminole County is not issuing a stay-at-home mandate or curfew for residents at this time.

They said that positive coronavirus cases continue to rise in Seminole County but this is correlated with increases in testing.

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Effective Sunday, March 29, at 11:59 p.m., Seminole County's social distancing Order allows businesses to remain open pending the following conditions:

  • All employees and patrons must practice social distancing by staying at least six (6) feet apart
  • Group meeting and/or training sizes must be limited to ten (10) people or less
  • Limit occupancy to 30% of the maximum allowable capacity under the fire code, for non-residential, non-medical, and non-lodging uses
  • Checkout points and staging areas, including store fronts, must be monitored for social distancing requirements by means of marking floors or similar actions to maintain six (6) feet distance between customers. 

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Is this the same as a Stay At Home Order? How is it different? 

This is not a stay at home order. This Order permits businesses to remain open if six feet of distance between individuals is maintained as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Do the occupancy and checkout rules apply to essential grocery stores like Publix and Costco too? 

Yes, all businesses, will be required to follow the Executive Order. 

Can salons and beauty shops stay open? 

They can stay open for activities that allow for social distancing.

What about doctor’s appointments? 

This order does not apply to healthcare/medical workers. 

Will garbage services still be provided? 


Will public transit, such as LYNX and SunRail, be available? 


Will I still be able to receive mail and online orders? 


Does this mean I must stay home and not go to a friend’s house? 

No. You may visit others while following CDC guidelines of social distancing and limiting size of gatherings to ten (10) or less. However, the best practice is to avoid discretionary travel when possible.

Am I able to exercise outside?

Yes. You may exercise outdoors while following CDC guidelines of social distancing. 

How does this affect taxi, Uber and Lyft?

They are considered transit and are exempt. 

Will the Orlando Sanford International Airport remain open? 


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