Virtual distance learning underway across Central Florida as schools remain closed due to coronavirus

School districts across Central Florida go back to class on Monday, but through virtual learning from home.

Schools are closed at least through April 15th but the Florida Department of Education told school districts to be prepared to extend through June 30th. School districts will also have to decide if they want to add extra school days to the year.

With that, classes in the meantime will be done through online programs, like Google Classroom.

Many teachers say that they are ready and excited to start teaching their students again. Some of them even went through extra training.

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Sterling Park Elementary students got ready to start social distance learning with a drive-by pep rally.

A coach at the school told FOX 35 News that "Our students are excited. We're excited. It's an unexpected adventure but I think we're all ready to embrace it and learn together through this."

There are still some concerns though, with one student citing that "it's hard because you don't have a person that's like actually talking to you and you miss your friends and teachers and administrators a lot."

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