Snow in Florida? Piles of hail pummel parts of Florida

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A small town in Florida was pummeled with so much hail Wednesday morning that it nearly turned into a winter wonderland!

Photos posted to Facebook by the City of Trenton Public Safety Department shows a bulldozer clearly what many said looked like snow covering the streets.

According to their Facebook post, the storm hit the town around 3:30 a.m. 

The post is warning residents waking up to the white stuff to drive carefully.

"There are areas of heavy ice on the roads. City of Trenton Public Works is out working hard to clear the worst areas. These guys don’t get the recognition they deserve, out working in the wee hours of the morning in these bad conditions! Thank you Public Works crews!"




But Trenton wasn't the only place in the Sunshine State to look like snow had fallen.


Brevard County Fire Rescue tweeted out photos and video of ice on roadway on I-95 near Port St. John. Morriston resident David Overton measured nearly 7 inches of hail in his yard.