Snake shows off mesmerizing climbing skills

An unexpected reptile made a special appearance at a national memorial to show off some climbing skills. 

Coronado National Memorial posted a video of a Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake climbing up a wall. And, despite snakes giving most people the heebie jeebies, the video is somehow still mesmerizing to watch. 

Sonoran Mountain Kingsnakes are marked by red, black, and white crossbands.

The snake perfectly guides its colorfully long body to fit through the grout lines of an adobe brick wall at the park’s visitor center. 

The snake’s skillful maneuvers remind many viewers of something from a video game. 

"I feel like this needs the Tetris theme music," one person commented. 

"I used to play this game on my Nokia. Graphics weren’t as good though," another said. 

Sonoran Mountain Kingsnakes are harmless and usually found in oak-juniper and pinon-juniper woodlands, according to the National Park Service, but may be found at lower elevations in moist canyons. 

Coronado National Memorial is located in southern Arizona, near the border with Mexico. 

The park is located near the center of a biological crossroads, giving visitors a taste of the Sierra Madres, Chihuahua Desert, Rocky Mountains, and Sonoran Desert.

This story was reported from Detroit.