Large hole nearly swallows pickup truck in Kissimmee amid watermain rupture

A rupture in a water main line Friday in Kissimmee caused a large hole to open in the roadway that nearly swallowed a pickup truck and its haul. 

SKYFOX video showed what appeared to be a truck and a small trailer that had fallen into the hole at the intersection of Denn John Lane Road and Sunburst Way. The roadway was shut down for hours Friday, before reopening late afternoon.

While police said it was a sinkhole, city officials clarified that the hole was caused by the break in the water main that caused the roadway to collapse. Officials said the truck was hauling a cement mixer.

"I’m not surprised because it happened before," said nearby resident John Wilson, who told us his neighbor was the one who was in the truck when the pavement collapsed. "He has a swimming pool service and that was his truck that fell in. It was a swimming pool truck mixer."

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SKYFOX video of the sinkhole in Kissimmee. 

Neighbors tell FOX 35 News that this isn’t the first time they have had to deal with a road closure due to a water main break. Back in 2020, they said a bus fell into a hole after the pavement collapsed, similar to what happened on Friday. 

"This line on this street has failed three times in the last few years," Wilson explained. "They’ve had to replace in the same spot up here."

A spokesperson for Toho Water Authority spokesperson said there have been five water main breaks in the same region, including at least three in the same area where Friday's happened. The spokesperson said repairs have been made to those pipes. 

Officials said the driver nor anyone else were hurt.