Signs pop up around Arden Villas apartments questioning security measures

Residents living at the Arden Villas apartment community near the University of Central Florida are on edge.  

"I feel like they’re not providing me with a safe place to live right now," said Elena. 

She’s a UCF student who lives in the same building that 19-year-old Valencia Community College student Miya Marcano disappeared from Friday.  

"I’ve been considering getting pepper spray or a knife for myself, haven’t picked anything out yet and I spoke to the front desk about moving out," Elena said.  

In front of their building dozens sit dozens of prayer candles for Miya Marcano surround a bright-green poster that reads, "Arden Villas – it is your responsibility to keep your residents and staff safe. We hold you liable." 

Someone is posting printed flyers are being taped up around the complex.  Those read "PREISS CO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MIYA MARCANO."

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The posts question the background check maintenance man Armando Caballero, 27, the person of interest in Marcano’s disappearance who was found dead by suicide Monday.  

We’ve blurred out the names numbers and email addresses of the company’s upper-level management spelled out in the post. At the bottom of the flyer, it reads, "PREISS CO YOU HAVE MIYA’S BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS."   

"I know a lot of people are really worried right now," Elena said.  

Arden Villas released a statement that read, "concerning Mr. Caballero specifically, no records of either burglary or sexual assault were found." It goes on, "all potential employees are vetted through a national background check services provider."  

While FOX 35 News has not found any of those charges in Caballero’s past, though he does have a criminal record.  FOX 35 News dug up an arrest from December 2013 in Polk County. Caballero was charged with the use of a destructive device – property damage and discharge of a weapon on school property. 

None of that is comforting to Marcano's neighbor Elena.  

"It’s a little bit scary. I look out my window and I see search helicopters, I see camera crews, family members gathered screaming and praying and it just feels horrible to watch this happening from my bedroom," Elena said. 

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