Sign of Jewish organization at UCF vandalized with anti-Semitic symbol

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the University of Florida Police Department are investigating anti-Semitic vandalism on a sign near the UCF campus.

The vandalism has been removed from the sign, but you can still see remnants of it. The sign marks the spot of the future home of Chabad at UCF, a Jewish organization on campus.

A photo posted to social media shows the vandalism on the sign. It had anti-Semitic stickers baring

“Things like that are very saddening and sometimes it’s frightening for students to see that,” Chabad at UCF Rabbi Chaim Lipskier said. “No one wants a target on their backs. No one wants to made to feel to worry about the fact that their Jewish or displaying their Judaism.”

Rabbi Lipskier runs the group Chabad at UCF.

Students are outraged by what happened.

“We’re all here for the same purpose,” UCF student Amanda Gordon said. “We want to be happy. Honestly, just doing something like that, it’s a petty crime and it’s just not something that should be done.”

(Henri Hodge / Supplied)

The rabbi said the vandalism will not stop him and his organization from spreading their faith.

“The reality is, we need to combat hate with love and to really grow stronger, walk taller, prouder, be who we are, unique, just keep sharing our message,” Rabbi Lipskier said.

The campus’ police department is working with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to find out who left the vandalism on the sign. A spokesperson for UCF PD said, “Hate has no place at UCF.”