Should you buy salvage cars in Orlando?

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Are you looking at salvage cars in Orlando? If so, you may want to first do your research. These vehicles could seem like good options for some people; however, there are certain things you should take into consideration before you buy one! A car with this title status can come with a lot of pitfalls and Toyota of Orlando is sharing them with you!

Reasons you should not buy salvage cars

You find the pre-owned car you want for a cheap price, but it has a salvage title. What does this mean and should you still buy it? Salvage cars are vehicles that have received so much damage that it cost more for the auto repairs than the car is worth. Even if the vehicle you may be considering is fully repaired, you may want to avoid buying it! Our Orlando used car dealership is sharing the disadvantages of salvage cars!

  • Resale value: Because these cars have already been damaged, the resale value of these cars drops dramatically. Although you may be able to buy the Orlando used car for a cheaper price, you might not be able to get much back for it after you’re done with it. It doesn’t matter how much work and auto repairs was put into it, it’ll always have a salvage title!
  • Auto insurance: Another thing you have to think about with salvage cars is auto insurance. Not only is it hard to get insurance for a rebuilt car, you’ll typically end up spending more money monthly to cover your ride. 
  • Financing: If you want to buy salvage cars, you’ll most likely have to pay with cash. Vehicles with this title status are typically thought of as higher risks to lending companies, which is why it’s very difficult to get financing on them. 

Tips for buying used cars in Orlando that have been salvaged

In spite of these cons of buying salvaged cars, you may still want to go this route. If you’re thinking about buying a used car with a salvage title status, keep these car buying tips in mind:

  • Check the vehicle history report: A used car vehicle history report will tell you exactly what damage the vehicle received. Watch out for frame damage, as this can cause tons of problems for you if not repaired properly.
  • Make sure the repairs were from a reputable repair shop: You should also check to ensure the vehicle received quality auto repairs. You don’t want to buy salvage cars that were repaired at home! 
  • Have the vehicle inspected: You should also have the car inspected by auto service pros like the ones at our Orlando Toyota Service Center! This way you can ensure that there aren’t any hidden problem and that the repairs are done right before you sign on the dotted line.

Don’t take the chance with salvage cars when you can get a quality used car in Orlando! We have affordable options waiting for you at Toyota of Orlando. Visit us today at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. 

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