Shots fired into Cocoa home

A barrage of bullets sprayed into a house, as the people inside go ducking for cover.  Cocoa Police say it’s all stems from an ongoing feud, and now it’s gone too far.

One person was injured from shattering glass, but police say it could’ve been much worse. Neighbors are alarmed by the brazenness of this shooting in broad daylight, and they were scared some children might get caught in the crossfire.

“I am in fear for the safety of the children more than the adults,” said Maryann Barnoski.Barnoski.

Others who live on Prospect Avenue in Cocoa say a quiet Sunday afternoon turned into a terrifying ordeal. 

Police say the intended targets and the suspects know each other and there is bad blood between them. Police say the neighborhood has been plagued by violence in recent years, so they have increased patrols.

The shooters were quick and reckless, police say, and the charges will be severe, including attempted murder.