Shopping in full swing as Thanksgiving transitions into Black Friday

After the Thanksgiving dinner, it's time to shop! Many stores are opening their doors for the flood of customers who aren't willing to wait for Black Friday deals.  Shoppers want those perfect holiday sales now!

As a line of customers snaked its way through the Best Buy parking lot near Mall at Millenia, hundreds of men, women, and children, waited patiently, if not sleepily, from turkey filled tummies, for the store's doors to open. Looking for the "hottest" electronic buys around, some searched through holiday sales flyers for the biggest bargain.

Big-screen TVs are always a big hit. Some looking for laptop computers to stuff loved ones stockings. All ready plop down big bucks for that item of choice. This going on the day before Black Friday, the traditional day when big sales take place for the Christmas season.

Now, stores are starting their sales early and online, looking to make as much money as possible and customers are ready to oblige. Black Friday has traditionally been the day when retailers turn a profit for the year, coming out of the "red" and into the "black."  Now, that line has greyed. Happy Shopping!