Sherin Mathews' mother asks for a lower bond, hearing postponed

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A North Texas mother who is charged with the death of her adopted 3-year-old daughter wants her bail reduced.

Sini Mathews remains in the Dallas County jail charged with child abandonment. Her husband, Wesley, is accused of killing their adopted daughter, Sherin.

Sini’s bond has already been lowered once before from $250,000 to $100,000. Her attorneys are asking a judge to reduce it again dramatically to $2,500.

Sherin’s body was found in a culvert near the family’s Richardson home in October of 2017.

Sherin’s parents originally claimed she was missing. They later admitted leaving her home alone while they went out to eat on the night of her death.

Wesley Mathews now claims Sherin died after choking on milk. He admitted to putting her body in the culvert.

Wesley is charged with capital murder and is set to go to trial in May.

Judge Amber Givens-Davis postponed the bond reduction hearing until Thursday to give Sini’s defense team time to call witnesses to speak on her behalf.

In court, Sini's attorneys said getting witnesses to talk has been difficult since they fear retaliation from the Indian community.

“I choose not to go into that, but they are reluctant to talk,” said defense attorney Philip Parker.

Sini’s team is also asking for the judge to try their two cases separately.

“This is about what she did or what she's alleged to have done and not him,” said defense attorney Heath Harris. “The allegation that is before her right now is that she abandoned her child. We believe the evidence is gonna show otherwise and she will be acquitted.”

Judge Givens-Davis is expected to hear that motion on February 4.

As of now, Wesley is set to go to trial in May. He has no additional court dates set between now and then, but that could change.