Serology test latest weapon in fight against COVID-19

All it takes is one quick prick. The technician takes your blood, and 10 minutes later, you get the results.

Three lines means you’ve been exposed to coronavirus in the past and have survived.

“Then there is a decreased risk that they're going to catch it when they're out.”

The serology test is the latest weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Unlike the nasal swab test, this blood test can tell you if you’ve had the virus before.

Dr. Klein at Stages of Life, a primary care office in Longwood, said he currently has 1500 of these tests and added that there are thousands more available.

Dr. Klein said having a lab inside his office means patients can get their results back faster. Already, his office has done 80 tests. None of them have come back positive.

Dr. Klein said he wants to begin testing Office and Health Care workers, especially those who interact with seniors. That way those who tested negative for the virus or those who tested positive but survived can return to work.