Senator Scott: I'm going to fight for Puerto Rico

U.S. Senator Rick Scott sat down with members of Central Florida’s Puerto Rican community to get an update on the situation on the island. 

The meeting comes in the wake of the Disaster Relief Bill being struck down Monday. It would have provided $600 million for Puerto Rico.

“Unfortunately, Chuck Schumer decided to stop it.  I’m an incrementalism, let’s get whatever we can get done that we know the president’s going to sign off on, and then let’s keep working,” said Scott, R-Florida.

Gaby Melendez, a minister in Kissimmee, said the United States territory is still in need of support, especially since many residents are beginning to return.

“There are a lot of things infrastructure wise that are still in the works, these funds would help with that, all the families that are going back to Puerto Rico to their homes being devastated,” said Melendez.

“The more you sit down with people and listen, you learn problems you try to solve,” said Scott.

Melendez says discussions like today’s gives Puerto Rico a voice.

“He [Scott] is giving the attention to the Puerto Rican community that we need,” said Melendez. “I’m eternally grateful for him, for all the help he gave to the Puerto Rican people when crisis hit, and today was just a continuation of his commitment to the Puerto Rican people.”