Seminole State College holds drive-thru graduation

Seminole State College held a drive-thru graduation ceremony for about 2,350 people on Tuesday.

It’s not the usual pomp and circumstance, but it is becoming the norm as the pandemic continues.

"Yeah, I like it a lot," graduate Zachary Thomas said. "It’s quick, you know. Gets to the point. We get the whole day ahead of us, too. Nice."

Seminole State College held its second "hybrid drive-thru" graduation.

Graduates arrived in a car with their families. The graduate hops out, walks the ‘Seminole blue carpet" to the stage and gets their diploma.

"Their family follows them in parallel at the same time so they can have a personal moment on stage with their family watching and cheering and taking pictures," Seminole State College President Dr. Georgia Lorenz said.

The college had its first drive-thru graduation last year. It was so popular they’re doing it again.

"I was concerned we wouldn’t get to have something, but he did and this was exciting," parent Julie Skaggs said. "I still had the same experience. I felt OK."

The families and graduates said they felt safe from COVID-19 during the entire experience.

"I was teary-eyed," Skaggs said. "It was exciting. [Zachary is] my oldest. It was just the start, so I can’t wait for his future."

The college is playing things by ear to see if they will have to have another drive-thru graduation in December.