Seminole County residents get sandbags, prepare for possible flooding

Even though Erika has been downgraded to remnants, Seminole County residents rushed to get sandbags Saturday morning.

County workers even had to refill the dirt pile because so many people showed up.

People shoveled, bagged and loaded dozens of bags into their cars and trucks to protect their homes from any possible flooding.

"Better safe than sorry. I'd rather have too many (sandbags) than not enough," said Lucas Seidel. "We just bought a house in December, so we've never gone through the whole hurricane preparedness. We got some French doors that kind of go back on a back patio so we're kind of paranoid."

So many families showed up at Soldiers Creek Park that county workers had to refill the pile of dirt and bring in more bags. And within the first hour of opening, more than 300 bags were gone.

"Thirty bags should keep it out of the garage," said Fred Koberlein, as he talked about potential flooding near his home.

County workers expect to give away about a 1,000 sandbags, that's more than double from Friday.

"We're going to see water levels rise, whether it's a hurricane or not because of the amount of rain coming from the south and going up St. John's River, so that tends to flood out all the areas," said Zachary Settle, from the Seminole County Maintenance Department.

Workers recommend families to put the bags around garages and sliding doors where water tends to get in.

Seminole County will be filling sandbags again at Soldiers Creek Park again on Sunday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.