Seminole County officials want to develop area near Orlando-Sanford airport

Seminole County is laying the groundwork for future growth in one of its fastest-growing spots near the Orlando-Sanford International Airport.

Officials say that this area is prime for development and they want to be strategic about how to approach it. They want to divide a five-mile area around the Orlando-Sanford International Airport into seven districts, each one focusing on different types of development, like residential, industrial, or commercial. If you have driven by the airport, you know there are a lot of empty fields and officials want to balance the growth.

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Seminole County wants to be ready for future developers. Senior Planner Dagmarie Segarra told FOX 35 that they are working with the City of Sanford and the airport to lay the framework. They commissioned a study that looks at the area from the Racetrac gas station on County Road 46 at East Lake Mary Boulevard to just past the airport's main entrance. 

With the area split into seven districts, as proposed, the Racetrac area would be sort of a gateway, Segarra explained, citing, "because we already have a lot of subdivisions north of it, this is the perfect area to have your grocery stores, your offices."

Manufacturing and warehousing would reportedly be near the airport, with business offices, retail, and green space across from and near the sports complex. A hotel is also proposed near the airport's main entrance.

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Segarra said that they want to protect the Silver Lake neighborhood and lake but possibly add townhomes near the main road. 

No specific stores have been announced but development is coming, she added. This is a long-term, 50-year plan and nothing is set in stone. Once everyone agrees on the framework, it could take at least a year before we see things really start to take off and a push to attract developers.

There will be a community meeting on August 5th at 6:30 p.m. at the Seminole County Administration building for anyone who wants to speak out about the plans.

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