Seminole County expects to close hurricane shelters Wednesday afternoon

Seminole County Expects to Close Hurricane Shelters Wednesday Afternoon

Leaders in Seminole County announced Tuesday that they plan to shut down their hurricane shelters by 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Meeting with reporters outside the Lyman High School shelter, Superintendent Walt Griffin said crews plan to immediately begin cleaning the shelter areas so that Seminole County Schools can reopen to students by Thursday.

“We will make sure the roads are clear and we’ll check for debris, we’ll check for flooding,” said Griffin.

Sheriff Dennis Lemma said emergency crews have been monitoring all of Hurricane Dorian’s forecasts closely. With Florida no longer in the cone of uncertainty and with potential impacts to Seminole County appearing to ease back, he said the Wednesday shelter closure seems on track.

The Sheriff also pointed out that voluntary evacuations for the county are not planned at this point either.

“We have to watch the storm extremely close and try to make the decisions that are best for our citizens here, so, we want to get back to normal operations in the county and the way we do that is by making sure that we’re prepared,” said Lemma.

That said, Lemma urged residents not to let their guard down as Dorian has proven unpredictable every step of the way. He said the county will continue to monitor the situation and plans could change if needed.