SEE IT: This manatee searching for algae in Florida looks like it's giving kisses -- and our hearts our melting

Warning: This video is sure to invoke a lot of smiles and resounding awwww's around the house.

The folks from See Through Canoe captured the moment a manatee swam under their boat in St. Petersburg, Florida and appeared to be checking for algae -- but it looks like the adorable animal is giving kisses, doesn't it?

"Manatees make the funniest faces," See Through Canoe wrote on Facebook. "This manatee appeared to be trying to eat the clear canoe but he was probably just checking for algae. Manatees often eat the algae off each other's backs or the bottom of docked boats that have been sitting in the water too long."

See Through Canoe also reminded social media users that these beautiful creatures eat almost anything, so avoid littering and try and pick up trash if you see it in the water.

"I've literally had to take a piece of a plastic bag away from a manatee calf that was trying to eat it."

November is Manatee Awareness Month. Throughout the winter months, manatees can be found along shallow, coastal waterways in search of warm-water areas. 

If you are boating, please watch out for these gentle giants. 

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