SeaWorld hopes to attract visitors with Halloween, other seasonal events

SeaWorld's earnings were down, but the theme park hopes to make a comeback with social distancing events.

As the pandemic creates some frightening revenue losses for SeaWorld, executives hope to turn it around with events like the park's Halloween Spooktacular.

Cindi Miller is the vice president of entertainment.

"It will give people the opportunity to celebrate Halloween, where many Halloween opportunities may not be available," she said.

Universal Orlando canceled Halloween Horror Nights.  

Disney canceled Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

But Miller says SeaWorld's Halloween event will go forward with social distancing measures in place.

She thinks it may attract new visitors as well.

"I think so. Again, Halloween lovers are very passionate and we’re excited to fill that for our guests," she said.

Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum Capital Management and FOX News business contributor says second-quarter earnings at SeaWorld took a dive with revenue down 96 percent.

"Over $18 million in sales versus over $400 million in revenues. It just leaves you breathless to think about these numbers and a company like that was doing very well," he said.

While Disney and Universal both have streaming services and other businesses as back up, Kaltbaum says SeaWorld is park-centric with only its theme parks to attract visitors.

That’s why it’s so important SeaWorld focuses on the future.

"Markets know they’ll be back up again both here and around the globe. And there will be that day, but it’s just a matter of when," Kaltbaum said.

With events like a drive-in movie with fireworks and craft beer festival, Miller hopes visitors show up.

"It’s something different people can experience during this crazy time and enjoy," she said. 

SeaWorld plans to hold a holiday event as well.

The park also has a new roller coaster planned for 2021.

If you're interested in going to SeaWorld, there are some ticket deals as well.

Visit SeaWorld Orlando's website for more information.