State Attorney's Office, police investigate fatal shooting at Holly Hill business

An investigation continues into a fatal shooting Thursday at a Holly Hill business. 

The Holly Hill Police Department surrounded a warehouse, located at 433 Walker Street, just after 1:30 p.m. 

According to a 911 call obtained by FOX 35 News, a man who said he was the shop owner called to report the shooting.

Caller: "There was a shooting."
Dispatch: "A shooting."
Caller: "Yes."
Dispatch: "Who shot him?"
Caller: "I did."

Police have identified the victim as Allen Fike, 37, of Ormond Beach. Investigators said Fike had gone to the business to confront the owner about merchandise they had an ongoing problem over. 

Dispatch: "Alright, was it intentional or accidental?"
Caller: "Intentional, he threatened to kill me."

The caller told dispatch Fike threatened to kill him.

"He threatened me several times. He came by last night threatening to kill me, and today, he walked in here and he threatened to kill me (inaudible). He said, ‘I don’t make threats,’ and he came at me and I (inaudible) shot," he can be heard telling dispatch.

The shooter has not been identified but a police report said he remained and was secured at the scene. No charges have been filed. 

Investigators said they are working with the State Attorney’s Office for a thorough investigation.