Riskiest behaviors to avoid during coronavirus pandemic, according to an expert

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Despite the fact that some may be experiencing so-called “caution fatigue,” the coronavirus pandemic is still raging, with certain areas across the country — namely the Midwest — seeing a surge in cases and hospitalizations. 

And with autumn officially here, bringing with it flu season, experts are urging the public to remain diligent in taking precautions to protect against both the seasonal illness and the novel virus. 

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“I know everyone is tired of COVID but now is not the time to give up or go easy on the safeguards,” Dr. John Whyte, the chief medical officer of the health care website WebMD, told Fox News

Read on for a look at the worst things to do amid the pandemic, according to Whyte. 

Going to work when you feel unwell 

"Do not be around people —  whether at work or socially — when you aren't feeling well,” said Whyte. “You could be infectious with COVID even before you test positive so listen to your body.  If you feel lousy, stay home and rest in bed. Don't go out infecting others.”

Wearing your face mask incorrectly 

“Wearing a mask the wrong way. I've seen so many people not cover their nose, or letting it slide up their chin. I'm glad you are wearing a mask but when you wear it wrong, the effectiveness drops dramatically,” he said. 

Avoid the buffet line 

“Sampling the buffet line” should be avoided, warned Whyte. “You often have to wait until it's your turn. People are touching the same utensils. I'd wait a while until I'd hit the salad bar.”

Going to large events — especially indoors 

“Going to an event of 50 or more people inside, not socially distanced, without masks” is a dangerous game to play, said Whyte. “I know everyone is tired of COVID but now is not the time to give up or go easy on the safeguards.”

Assuming a cure is ‘around the corner’

“Thinking there's a cure around the corner. Although we have made progress in treatments and various vaccines are in development, you don't want to let down your guard,” said Whyte. 

Bonus: Avoid this popular Halloween activity

Thrill-seekers should avoid at least one popular Halloween activity this year, said Whyte: haunted houses. 

“It's dark, crowded, and people are screaming. The chances of getting COVID-19 just aren't worth it this year,” he said. 

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