Ring camera shows Amazon driver playing hopscotch after making delivery

Sketched out on the garden path in front of the Martell family home is are several hopscotch squares. 

While the Martell family may have initially intended for the hopscotch path to be used for their family, one Amazon delivery driver opted to test his footwork on the path.

On April 20, footage captured by the home’s Ring camera showed the Amazon driver playfully following down the hopscotch path after making a delivery to the Irvine, California home.

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“How adorable was our Amazon delivery guy,” said Odessa Martell, who shared footage of the delivery on Twitter.

Reports of delivery workers having some social-distanced fun with their customers have not been uncommon during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One Amazon driver played tic-tac-toe with a customer’s glass entry door. In Colorado Springs, one restaurant toyed with the idea of delivering food by using a remote-controlled SUV.

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