Ride share drivers, passengers talk about guns in vehicles

Orange County sheriff's deputies charged a man who was shot by his ride-share driver, authorities said.

According to a report, the driver defended herself and stopped the man from beating his girlfriend.

Anytime you get into an Uber or Lyft, know that you're not allowed to carry a gun, and neither is the driver. But deputies said a driver was able to protect herself with a gun. 

It all happened off State Road 528. Deputies said the ride-sharing driver shot 27-year-old Daniel Pacheco after he hit her. Pacheco was the one charged for also allegedly hitting his girlfriend. He now could also face criminal charges. 

We asked other drivers if they have guns for protections well.

"I am scared. I protect my life," said Uber driver Larry Cosmo.

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He showed us the gun he hides for his own protection.  He said he has a permit to carry. 

"I need it for my life. I don’t know the people I let in. The people maybe they're crazy I don’t know."

We asked passengers how they felt about having guns in ride-sharing vehicles, whether they bring one or the driver has one. 

Lisa Burke said, "It would make me a little uneasy if I was aware of it. I would be willing to bet half the time you don’t know if they do." 

We asked passenger Rob Liston if he would feel uncomfortable knowing a driver has it for his protection.

He replied, "No, because he could protect me too." 

He said he would also carry a gun for protection as well.

While both Uber and Lyft prohibit loaded guns in cars, attorney Lawrence Walters said it’s not breaking the law if you have a concealed weapon's permit.

"Uber and Lyft can’t dictate where you can carry a concealed weapon and override Florida law. You’re not in violation of Florida law."

But in the driver's case that person could possibly lose their job because they didn’t follow the rules. Lawerence said a passenger may also lose their ride privileges. 

"I have only one obligation for the security of Uber, but I need gun, security for my life," Cosmo added.

Walter said a driver or passenger who brings a gun into an Uber or Lyft may be sued in civil court, but he said it's tough to prove damages in those types of cases.

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