Restaurant employees help rescue children after SUV crashes into pond

When Texas Roadhouse employees saw a vehicle drive through a fence and into a retention pond, they jumped into action to help the people stuck inside.

Orange City Texas Roadhouse manager Steven Zayas was in the kitchen when an employee rushed in on Sunday afternoon.

"One of our prep cooks kind of bust through the door shouting about how a car fell into the water," said Zayas. "At first, I thought he was joking or something, but he was really distressed about it like we have to go now."

The employees rushed outside to see an SUV over the ledge and in the pond. There was a family stuck inside the vehicle and yelling for help.

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Police believe the driver hit the gas instead of the brakes. 

"Totally over the edge," described Zayas. "It had gone nose-first into the water."

The back trunk wouldn't open, but a customer got a hold of one of the children inside from the side of the SUV.

"He like grabbed the kid by the arm, and then myself and the other cook grabbed on to the guy and once he pulled them up I helped grab on to the child's arm too, and we pulled them up and out," said Zayas.

Orange City Fire quickly arrived to get the rest of the occupants out. The manager says he's thankful to live in a community where people will jump into action to help others.

"We all just kind of came together to help someone who needed us. I think that’s awesome," said Zayas.

No one in the family had any serious injuries and an employee said they got lunch at the restaurant after. 

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