Rescue finds small pup shivering in trash can at welcome center

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It takes a special someone to give a small dog a forever home. It takes the complete opposite to dispose of that same dog in a trash can.

That’s what happened to little Caroline. The Hart County Animal Rescue said she was found in the trash can at the Georgia Welcome Center along Interstate 85 in Hart County, just across the South Carolina border this week.

The rescue posted the following about the incident on their Facebook page:

“YES! some piece of scum decided to just trash her. She was freezing, wet, hungry and scared when someone heard her crying and found her in the trash can this morning. She is in the care of Lavonia Animal Hospital and getting the medical attention and love she deserves.”

The hospital said Caroline is fully healthy. They found out she is about six pounds and around a year old. She appears to be a Chihuahua mix.

The rescue is concerned she may have been taken from a loving home:

“If anyone recognizes her, please reach out to us. She could of been stolen from a loving family or the idiots who did this just didn't want her anymore.”

The rescue updated their page later to say Caroline will need to be spayed and have a few other things done but could be ready for adoption within the next week or two if no one claims her.

The rescue thanked those who shared Caroline’s story:

“HCAR is grateful to each and every one of you. Your outpouring of care, compassion, anger, and support has not gone unvoiced by us.”

The rescue said they are being inundated with calls, emails, texts, and messages, but haven’t been able to respond to all of them.

They are still hoping anyone with information about how Caroline ended up in the trash will come forward.

Until then, those interested in filling out an application for adoption for Sweet Caroline or would like to donate to help her can do so at