Recount process for Senate and Governor race starting in Central Florida

Recounts are underway in counties across the state of Florida, as Florida's Senate and Governor's races are still in play.

Rick Scott leads Bill Nelson in the Florida Senate race by just about 13,000 votes. They are seperated by 0.15%. Then, in the race for Governor, Republican Ron DeSantis leads Democrat Andrew Gillum by more than 33,000 votes. They are separated by 0.4%.

Orange and Lake County will begin their recount this Monday at 9 a.m. Some counties started Sunday, while others will start later this week. Every county must have their recount done by Thursday afternoon.

Workers have to feed every ballot back into the voting machines and meticulously check the ones that the machines won't take. The order came Saturday from the Secretary of State's Office. 

On Sunday, Rick Scott filed a lawsuit to block some ballots in Broward County, saying that they came in after the deadline. He also wants voting machines in Broward and Palm Beach counties impounded when they're not in use. Scott remains confident that his narrow lead in the Senate race will hold, saying that "there's never been a recount in Florida or any other state that's changed any sort of win like that."

Senator Bill Nelson responded to this lawsuit, saying that "Rick Scott is trying to stop all the votes from being county and he's impeding the democratic process. You can see from his irresponsible, unethical, and unprecedented statements, that he's worried and desperate." 

Andrew Gillum also commented on the recount, saying that "I'm not here to make a closing argument for what it means to become the next governor of the great state of Florida.  I'm just here to say that the votes that have been cast ought to be counted."

Each campaign has the right to have a representative at every recount site.