'Record Numbers': Crowds flock to Volusia County beaches for Memorial Day weekend

Crowds of people flocked to Volusia County beaches Saturday to start the Memorial Day weekend. 

New Smyrna Beach was packed full of people.

Volusia County Beach Safety officials told FOX 35 News it was one of the busiest days they've ever seen. 

"The crowds are what are looking to be record numbers," said Capt. Mike Berard, with Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

FOX 35 News saw people who were following social distancing guidelines and others who were not while at New Smyrna Beach.

Volusia County Beach Safety said it spent most of the day on the water to save people from rip currents.

As of 3:30 p.m. Saturday, lifeguards rescued more than 250 people from the water.

Because of the time spent on the water, beach safety said its main priority is to save lives before enforcing social distancing guidelines.

Lifeguards are asking people to follow social distancing rules. 
"We would like to encourage them to police themselves as far as social distancing, obviously, because we have our hands full with the ocean," Capt. Berard said.

Volusia County Beach Safety limited parking and had people park further apart to enforce social distancing.

Beach safety closed the ramps several times throughout the day as the beach reached capacity.