Receipt at local business shows 'COVID Admin Fee'

A COVID charge appeared on the receipt of a local business this week, according to an Apopka man.

Jeffrey Garcia said he received a "COVID Admin Fee" for two drinks he ordered at Bowlero in Apopka Tuesday night.

“I took the family down there and I guess when we were getting our bill we noticed there was a COVID charge on there,” said Garcia.

Inside Bowlero is a sign explaining that the fee is applied to bowling, shoes, amusements, food, and drinks. The manager told FOX 35 News that all Bowlero locations across the country started the 2-3% charge just a few weeks ago to cover the cost of new furniture, Plexiglas, and cleaning supplies.

“I figure they were always maintaining their establishments clean, to begin with. I guess this time around they’re just making things extra clean,” said Garcia.

Garcia said after hearing what Bowlero had to say and talking to others, he is on the fence about it. Others who spoke with FOX  35 News shared their thoughts.

“If it’s a reasonable amount of money, it’s fine. Why not? They’re doing this to keep people safe so it’s okay,” said Nivin Makkar, who lives in Maitland.

“We’re doing the best we can to survive so why should we have to step up on that? I think the servers we need to overcompensate but I don’t feel like we need to overcompensate the restaurants,” said Debra Folsom, who lives in Longwood.

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Garcia paid the fee without issue.

“I’m just curious to know if fees will still exist in a year from now or two years from now with the possibility of the vaccines coming out.”

Other businesses have also implemented these fees. It’s best to check your receipts and ask a manager if you have any questions about a fee on the check.


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