Questions remain as to why Globe school district did not report potential school threat to police

Globe Police have recommended charges against four students at High Desert Middle School, as well as the school's principal, as questions remain as to why school officials did not tell police of a potential threat against the school.

FOX 10 Phoenix has learned the school's principal could face endangerment charges, while the students involved could face charges for disrupting the school, and making terrorist threats. The Gila County Attorney's Office will make a final decision on whether or not to file charges.

On Thursday night, Globe Police officials say the school did not tell them of the threat.

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Was the potential threat real ot a prank? That's not clear. What is clear, however, is there was a map of High Desert Middle School, with locations to plant homemade bombs, and plans to bring handguns. 

A student told his parents on Thursday, and they gave the information to Globe Police.

"There was a map discovered, and that is what was turned into police and led to investigation, and we found this was known by a school administrator the day before," said Linda Oddonetto with the City of Globe.

Police say the Globe Unified School District knew about the threat on Wednesday, but didn't pass that information along to them.

Meanwhile district offices were closed on Friday. FOX 10 Phoenix has left a message with the district, which was not returned. In a statement, the district says it is working closely with Globe Police.

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Initially, five students were connected to this supposed plot, but that number has since been reduced to four, and four students have been suspended.

Meanwhile, parents are worried.

"Not good. Not good at all, you know?" said Sharon Peterson. "You hate to see it happen to any school at any level, you know."

"I hope the parents or police deal with it. I hope it is nothing. I hope it was blown out of proportion, but it is a scary thing," said Gaylynn Quintana.

Globe officials says schools will be open and run on a normal schedule on Monday.