Publix kicks off 2020 with chicken tender subs sale

For the first time this decade, Publix is putting their fan-favorite chicken tender 'Pub Subs' on sale!

Starting Thursday, you can get a whole chicken tender 'Pub Sub' for just $6.99! That's a very tasty deal considering they usually cost $8.99.

The deal runs from Thursday, Jan. 9 until Wednesday, Jan.15. 

The Facebook group 'Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs On Sale?' posted the exciting news this week -- much to the delight of hungry fans. 

"I’ve gotta go find my Publix sub gift card I got for Christmas... yay!" wrote Brianna Nipper.

Another 'Pub Sub' fan commented, "Ahh, finally found the silver lining so far for 2020."

Shoppers who want to skip the line and get their Pub Sub fast can order online at the Publix website and pick it up at their convenience. 

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