'Project Impact: Teachers Change Lives' spotlight Orange County educators

Hanna Juda is about to graduate from Lake Nona High School. Before she moves forward, she is looking back.

"I look back at all the life lessons you taught me and reflect on the person I’ve become because of you," she wrote in a special letter to her 3rd and 5th grade math and science teacher Dagmar Kilp.

"I love my student and this is what I do… teach them.," said Kilp.

The 15-year veteran teaching at Northlake Park Community School is one of hundreds of teachers across Orange County that is receiving a letter from a graduating senior letting them know how they changed their lives.

It’s called "Project Impact: Teachers Change Lives."

"To just come back and thank of me, it makes me teary. Also, it is just rewarding. Not just for me but for all the teachers to realize that you made an impact in their lives," said Ms. Kilp.

Deputy Superintendent Maria Vazquez was also there as Hanna read her letter in front of Ms. Kilps’ new elementary class.

Hanna, who wants to go into real estate after graduating, says confidence was her biggest lesson.

"She’s also taught me to stand up for myself because of my disabilities which has helped me even in getting a job," said Hanna.