#PrayersForNick: Kansas City reporter's sick note to boss goes viral

A man's decision to call in sick Friday ended with a new trending hashtag named in his honor: #PrayersForNick.

According to FOX affiliate WDAF in Kansas City, it all began when Nick Vasos, a traffic reporter for the station, tried to e-mail his boss to say he needed to take Friday off because he was not feeling well.

Instead, Vaso's e-mail, for some reason, went out to all stations in the Nexstar Media Group, a company that owns close to 200 television stations across the country, including WDAF.

While Nexstar officials managed to put a stop on the e-mail, according to WDAF, #PrayersForNick was already trending by that time, as staff members from other stations owned by Nexstar offered their "message of support" to Vasos.

The e-mail also got the attention of others not affiliated with Nexstar.

Officials with WDAF said ironically, none of the staff members at the station received the e-mail. Nevertheless, a shrine was set up in honor of Vasos, at his desk.

Vasos himself is aware of the e-mail mishap, and has even retweeted some of the messages of support on his Twitter page.

This story was reported on from Phoenix.