Potentially deadly 'kissing bug' spreading across the United States

The 'kissing bug' is spreading across the United States, despite its seemingly harmless sounding name.

The potentially deadly bug has now been seen in Deleware for the first time. The CDC said that it bit a child there. The bug has been in Florida at least since 2015, but they typically stay in the woods and do not infest homes.

Experts say that the kissing bug often bites people near the mouth and defecates near the wound. So, when you itch, it can contaminate the wound and cause serious health problems.

Sarah Hamer at Texas A&M said that kissing bugs "can spread a parasite that can cause Chagas disease, which can be a heart disease in animals and in people."

Hamer went on to say that "the Chagas parasite is excreted with the bug's fecal material so it comes out the other side. That infectious material would need to make it's way into the body."

Local health officials told Fox 35 that the threat of transmission to people is low here. However, if you are bit by one, the key to treatment is getting to a doctor quickly. 

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.