Postal worker runs to house saying red van driver stalked her after a couple days

A letter carrier at the front door of a home on Detroit's west side was not there to drop off a package - she was there for help.

"She says, 'There's some guys down here in a red van and they've been following me. They've approached me quite a few times and they're trying to get me to come over to the van,'" said Raymond Jackson. "She was shaken so we let her in." And then moments later, Jackson's Ring Doorbell captured video of the red van driving by.

"She said this was the second incident," he said. "The same truck - and they had approached her."

Fortunately, she was not harmed but rattled.

She told Detroit police on Nov. 30 that the same van approached her. She said it was a man asking for a change of address form. She told him she didn't have one and where to get one. He then suggested she get one out of her truck.

Then on Saturday around 2:15 p.m., she told police they approached her again asking for a form they knew she didn't have. This time, fearing she might be kidnapped, she went for help.

"It's three o'clock - three o'clock in the afternoon, who would think someone would try to snatch somebody at three o'clock in the afternoon?" Jackson said.

Detroit police are investigating this as a case of stalking and intimidation. The postal inspector says it's not clear if this was an attempted abduction or a mail theft but they are still investigating as well.

Jackson says it's a reminder.

"They're very vulnerable, they're exposed, they're out here every day, you can time them," Jackson said. "You know she comes at the same time every day. The public should stay alert. Everything is suspicious."