Police search for car involved in fatal Daytona Beach crash

Daytona Beach Police are searching for a car that investigators say may have been involved in a crash where three people were killed. 

Newly released surveillance video shows two cars speeding down Beach Street and sparks flying. They say right after, one of the vehicles crashes into a tree. 

“It's been like a nightmare that just won't end basically,” said Precious Gadson, whose brother was in the car that wrecked. 

Marquise Jenkins, who Gadson says went by Tyler, was taken to the hospital on Labor Day but he later died. 

“He was goofy, he was funny, he was hard headed. He was just him and most importantly he was a dad. A dad to a 4-year-old girl,” Gadson said. 

Police say two other men who were in the car with Jenkins, Alex Thomas and Danquelle Nash, were also killed. They were both in their early 20s. 

Now, police want to know more about the other car captured on convenience store surveillance in the moments leading up to and after the crash. 

“In the video, you can see the black sedan is ahead of the victim vehicle, and we believe they possibly were traveling together, we believe they know each other,” said Daytona Beach Police Dep. Chief Jakari Young. 

But cops say no one in the black sedan called 911. 

“It's possible they were racing, it's possible they were clowning around,” Young said. 

The car didn’t stop. It’s caught on surveillance again after the crash. Police say it comes back toward the store, turns around and then goes back down Beach Street and past the scene of the accident. 

“For that person to just whip a U-turn and leave, is like, the most inhumane thing you can do,” Gadson said. “I would say that's a real coward move, extremely coward move.” 

Investigators say there have been rumors going around that police were chasing the victims’ car before the crash. Young says after looking into the matter, they have determined that no officers were in the area at that time.  

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Daytona Beach Police Traffic Homicide Investigator Henry Fulcher, 386-671-5372, or fulcherhenry@dbpd.us.