Police say boy, 10, tried to steal cars

Police say a 10-year-old and an adult were caught on surveillance cameras, trying to steal two cars in the Dean's Auto Outlet in Holly Hill.  Police say they know the boy well, as he was been arrested four times last summer, accused of stealing cars in Daytona Beach.

"Obviously he needs strong intervention. Otherwise he's probably gonna continue down this path and things are gonna get even worse," Police Chief Steven Aldrich said.

Police say they quickly figured out who the 10-year old was -- his mother was shopping for a car earlier in the day when police say he stole two sets out keys from the car lot.  Staff knew the keys were taken, so they put the two cars under a light in the lot, in direct line of the surveillance cameras in case the thieves came back to try and take the cars.

But that's not all, when the manager realized the keys were missing, he had his mechanics take out the fuel pump relay, which stops the gasoline from going to the engine even if you have the keys.

Police say the surveillance video shows the boy and his friend realizing they can't start the cars, and take off.

Chief Aldrich adds, "Obviously, when individuals came back we had good video of that and that was obviously key to being able to follow up this investigation."