Police investigate why woman abandoned two boys at store

"You want to take care of my kids? You want my kids?" said cell phone store manager Muhammad Naeem. It really didn't matter if the store manager wanted her two kids. The woman who claimed to be their mother left the two little boys with him anyway.

Naeem says the mother appeared to be depressed and said she was homeless.

"'How can I live on the street and my husband just kicked me out and my neighbor kicked me out last night', so she was completely depressed," said Naeem.

The store manager says he told the woman, who appears to be pregnant in a store surveillance picture, he thought the police should be called.

"I called 911 three times," Naeem said. "She was here and the cops never showed up, so she just left them, then the cops showed up."

In addition to leaving the two little boys at the cell phone store, the woman also left a small bag that contained her ID.

"The kids were hungry. They were very tired and crying," said Naeem said.

CPS placed the two little boys with relatives.

HPD says it's not known yet if the woman is really the boys' mother.The special victims unit is now investigating.

Police say it's too early to determine if the woman faces any criminal charges.