Police: Girls in child neglect case so hungry they were eating twigs

Police say two young girls were discovered wandering in a Palm Bay neighborhood covered in filth, blisters and sores.

Two women are now charged with child neglect. 

Palm Bay police say the house where the kids stayed was overflowing with trash.

Police say the girls have wandered away before. And this time, they were visibly starving.

Joanne Hall, 77, and Corey Richards, 25, are charged in the case.

On Saturday, officers were called to the Holiday Park community.

Someone spotted two children going down the street. By the looks of them, things weren’t right.

Police say the kids, both girls, were so hungry they were eating grass and sticks. 

They were covered in bites, appeared to be dehydrated and wore soiled diapers.

Investigators figured out which house they came from, but they say Hall didn't want to cooperate with them, not wanting them to check out the home.

According to the arrest report, officers could plainly see countertops overflowing with trash and a stained sofa where the girls slept.

Officers say the walls were smeared with feces.

After giving the girls medical treatment, they were placed in the care of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Police say Hall is the great grandmother of the two girls, while Richards is their mother.

They say she told them that she fed the girls toast, but didn't remember when.

Police say Richards told officers that she had no choice but to leave the girls at the home.