Police: Driver hits man in road rage incident

A driver is facing charges accused of hitting another man with his car at an intersection.

Another driver, Ruben Cartino, said he was next to the cars in the turning lane and saw it happen.

"I didn’t know what was going on and, all of the sudden, the PT Cruiser backed up and sped up and hit the guy. The guy flew up in the air," Cartino said.

The victim told police he was driving down South Woodland Boulevard when the driver of a white PT cruiser, Brian Macnicol, 38, cut him off, causing him to swerve and almost hit something.

The driver told police he followed Macnicol down the road, and when they got to the intersection, he got out of his car to signal to Macnicol to pull over. That’s when police say Macnicol backed up his car, then intentionally sped up and hit the man, then drove away.

"I thought it was crazy because there is no justifiable reason why you would just hit somebody with your vehicle and keep driving like nothing happened," Cortina said.

Police said Macnicol called 911 himself moments later and said a driver he accidentally cut off tried to box him in at the intersection, and he was not sure if he hit the man.

Manicol pulled over just down the road at the Ace Hardware store where police later arrested him.

The victim was not seriously hurt.

Macnicol is from DeLand and is facing charges of aggravated battery. Fox 35 reached out to him, but he declined to comment.

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