Florida beachgoers say more signage needed to direct nudists

Some beachgoers say they're still seeing nudists in public areas of Playalinda Beach, despite a section of the nude beach reopening.

Beachgoer David William says, "We saw many nude people, it was uncomfortable, she was covering her eyes." 

He's talking about his 95-year-old mother. 

Nancy William told us, "There’s this big fat guy laying there like this. No, I don’t want to see that kind of stuff." 

Boardwalk 13 which allows nudity, had been closed due to hurricane damage but is back open after being repaired. But beachgoers say, some have still been heading out to other areas naked. Beachgoer 

Meagan Donaldson says, "There’s no law against being nude."

According to a spokesperson at the Canaveral National Seashore, there is no law prohibiting nudity on the beach which is considered Federal land. She says, a message board alerting beachgoers that Boardwalk 12 and 13 were back open, has been posted. 

However, FOX 35 News didn’t see the sign display during the visit. The spokesperson says it's possible the sign was being charged at the time. They plan to have a notice posted at the entrance gate after we inquired about one.  

On Playalinda Beach the Federal property runs from the Kennedy Space Center, 24 miles North to New Smyrna Beach, south of Bethune Beach. 

Donaldson says, "Frustrated because there was no sign, there was no warning for us to know what we were gonna experience." 

Donaldson says to make matters worse, there were two men doing something else with children nearby. "My husband noticed they were doing lewd acts to themselves." 

She says, by the time rangers arrived the men stopped committing the acts, so no arrests were made.

The Canaveral National Seashore spokesperson says lewd acts are prohibited at the beach. 

A Brevard Sheriffs spokesperson says beachgoers are also welcome to call them if they think someone is breaking the law. They’ll come out and determine if it’s Federal or State. 

Some nudists told us off camera, that they also think there needs to be marked boundaries or warning signs because they don’t want children to see them naked either. 

Donaldson says, "If they want to live a naturalist lifestyle, they absolutely should be able to. But where do their rights end and our rights begin because we don’t share that lifestyle."