Plans for unauthorized homecoming gathering foiled

Parents of Lake Nona High School students are getting a phone call this week, setting the records straight. 

“Lake Nona HS families, this is principal Chang.  I was recently made aware of an unauthorized homecoming planned by a group of students,” Principal Martha Chang said in a Connect Orange message.    

In the message, she made it clear that the unauthorized event was canceled.

“I contacted the organizers because I was extremely concerned about the impact this type of gathering could have had on our entire community, which has been seen in other parts of Orange County,” Principal Chang. 

Jacob Martinez is a junior at Lake Nona High School.  He’d heard about the homecoming event some other students were organizing. 

“They were going to have it and they were going to have like masks but then they just shut it down,” Jacob told FOX 35 News.  

His mom, Angela, is not surprised that some students tried to carry on the fall tradition. 

“Teenagers are teenagers. They’re going to do things that they’re not allowed to do,” Angela said.  When asked if he was planning to attend the event, “probably not,” Jacob said.  “Nothing unauthorized at all,” Angela chimed in.

Jacob is on the varsity football team.  To him, playing ball is what’s most important right now and he says he doesn’t want to risk getting sick with COVID-19.  He feels for his older teammates and friends who are missing their senior homecoming. 

“I think it’s terrible. I feel really bad,” Jacob said. 

He just hopes that they can all have a prom together come springtime. 

“Fingers crossed. I hope the seniors and even my senior year can have prom and experience senior year,” Jacob said. 

The principal ended her Connect Orange message asking for the help of teachers, parents, and families.

“I must ask that you discourage your students from planning these kinds of events,” Principal Chang said. 

In her message she reminded her recipients that the CDC is saying there should not be any gatherings of more than 50 people.