'It's my mistake': Pilot in plane that crash-landed on Orlando road says he ran out of fuel

When pilot Remy Colin took-off from Orlando Executive Airport last Friday, he says had no idea he would be crash-landing on an Orlando-area street.

Colin was behind the controls that day. He says he had just taken off for a test flight from Orlando Executive Airport, as part of a regular maintenance check. But the experienced pilot says he didn't realize how little fuel he had. "It's crazy 'cause I visually checked that fuel, that day. I knew it was low but still made the conscious decision to go, and just one little thing led to a bigger thing," he said.

The single-engine Cessna was in flight for about five minutes before it crash-landed, according to FlightAware, which records flight data. Colin was the only one aboard, and emergency officials say no one on the ground was hurt. "As I was making my decision, there was a red light, a hundred cars on one side, a hundred cars on the other. The side against traffic gave me about 150 feet of a place to land, so I based my calculations on that, I went for it," Colin said.


Colin ended up with a cut on his head and some bruises, but now he's back in the skies with his aviation business. He's been flying for more than 15 years and says it's the only place he wants to be. "Things happen. We have a great relationship with the FAA. The FAA came, the inspection, the insurance, my paperwork was all in accordance. They know I'm a qualified pilot."

We've reached out to the National Transportation Safety Board for the latest updates on the crash investigation.

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A small plane made an emergency landing in front of a home in Orange County, northeast of Orlando, on Friday, Aug. 2022. Emergency officials said no one was hurt.  Credit: Florida Highway Patrol