'I was shaking!': Witnesses describe moment plane crashed onto Orlando road

A small plane made an emergency landing and crash-landed near a busy intersection Friday afternoon in northeast Orlando. Orange County Fire Rescue said no one was hurt when the plane landed near University Boulevard and Econlockhatchee Trail.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the pilot took the plane down for an onboard emergency.  A witness captured video of the plane as it came down eastbound near Watermill Avenue. The plane went nose first into the street and then slid to a stop in a driveway. 

"At first, it looked like it was coming on our side of the road, and then all of a sudden like at the last second it turned down to the other side," said Amanda Skuban. 

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According to FlightAware, the plane left Orlando Executive Airport at 3:44 in the afternoon. It had only been in the sky for five minutes when it crash-landed into the driveway of Samia Masood. 

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A small plane made an emergency landing in front of a home in Orange County, northeast of Orlando, on Friday, Aug. 2022. Emergency officials said no one was hurt.  Credit: Florida Highway Patrol

"I heard, ‘Boom!’ and I looked out the window and I said, ‘Oh my god, what happened?’" said Masood.  Masood was cooking at the time. She says her first thought was about the pilot. "I was shocked. I was shaking because maybe he died or something and the first thing I said is are you OK. He said yes I’m OK," said Masood. 

According to FHP, the 40-year-old pilot from Longwood, Florida, had a mechanical failure that took the plane down. The pilot later told FOX 35 News he had gasoline in the plane at the time and said he is ok, though he appeared to have a large bandage on his forehead. 

"I think the palm trees are what stopped it," said Alice Caraballo. 

While the two palm trees flanking Masood’s driveway played a key role in minimizing the damage, she said the real savior was the Mother Mary statue by her porch. 

"We’ve been fasting for Mother Mary for 15 days now, so that’s why she saved us," said Masood. 

Masood said that they had just put in a new driveway 10 days ago, but, she doesn’t care about the damage to it at all. She’s just happy everyone is ok. 

The FAA and NTSB are investigating the crash.