Patients report shortage of smoke-able medical marijuana

Some patients across Florida say they have been having a tough time finding a very popular form of medical marijuana needed to ease their pain.

At Fluent Cannabis Care, business is booming. However, getting the medical marijuana you can smoke has not been easy to buy, since it became legal in the Sunshine State earlier this year. Fluent CEO Jose Hidalgo says whole flower cannabis is the most popular because it’s used in various ways. He has been racing to grow it since the ban was lifted.

"It’s been difficult up to this point in our entire industry to keep up with the demand," he added.

Patient Leroy Pennicott uses it for his chronic pain.

"It’s a problem because there’s nothing for the last couple, almost a month now," Pennicott said.

For those who can’t get any flower, Hidalgo recommends getting an extract from the flower, something you can vape. Dr. Joseph Rosado said his patients don't want a substitute.

"We get a lot of pushback and a lot of upset patients calling us up, telling us, 'Look, I went to this place they don’t have it.'"

Hidalgo said they have opened a new farm in Tampa, where they are growing more than 45,000 plants.

"It’s a facility that’s just developed for flower sales to grow premium flower.  So now when people come in they see that we will have the flower product more available."

Doctor Rosado hopes other medical marijuana companies stock up soon.

"There’s multiple dispensaries in the state of Florida. They need to do better, they need to plan better."

"Everybody’s ramping up production and we’re starting to see more and more products and a variety of products and dispensers throughout the state," Hidalgo said, adding that he plans to get more flowers in December.